Several containers can be covered by means of a single system, which is mounted on the motor unit. It does not matter whether the containers are half full, fully loaded or loaded with a large head. The system respects the legal dimensions and can be mounted on both new and existing vehicles.

The VBK covering system guarantees a safe way of covering open-top containers (20 – 45 m3). Because all operations for this patented covering system are carried out from the ground, the system contributes directly to improving work conditions; such as safety and reducing physical effort.

By using the VBK covering system, the covers have a demonstrably longer life span because they are “laid onto the load” during covering and “lifted off the load” rather than pulled during rolling up. 



  • Covering containers from the ground
  • Within the legal vehicle width
  • A single system that can be used to cover both the motor car and the trailer
  • Partially filled containers or containers loaded with a head on them can simply be covered