The renewed SafeCover covering system is a simple solution for manually covering your open-top containers. The special SafeCover nets are pushed over a container on the ground with the removal bar with a detachable crossbar, without the driver having to climb onto the container and walk over the load. This eliminates the risk of falling and also reduces the risk of injury to, among others, legs and ankles compared with traditional manual removal.

The covering rod and cross bar are made entirely of aluminium, very light and specifically developed for covering containers. Also standard is an adjustable roller on the rod, whereby the rod is supported on the upper edge of the container. To store the SafeCover on container vehicles, only a few broomstick brackets and a netting rack are required. An external lockable storage unit is available as an option.

Safe Cover


            • Affordable system
            • Simple, manually operated
            • Works with all open-top containers
            • All operations from the ground